Erosion Control

Erosion Control Cumming, GAErosion control can be incorporated into landscapes to prevent soil from washing away. In many cases the control methods will not only prevent the soil washing away, but will enhance the landscape by holding back valuable soil nutrients. There are many methods to control erosion, from putting drain lines underground to planting new landscape, to dry river beds to move water from one point to another. Just know that each property has its own solution.
Erosion control and drainage issues must be very well planned and thought out. It is always best to leave such major landscape problems to the professionals. We at SCCR Landscapes can find a solution to almost any erosion control or drainage issues. We have been providing effective erosion control services to our clients throughout the greater Atlanta Georgia region for many years and with great success. If you are having any type of issues with erosion or flooding on your residential or commercial property then we are the company to talk too!

Erosion Control Methods

Many homeowners don't tend to give special attention to the erosion control and drainage of their property until it is almost too late. It is always ideal that these issues be attended when the initial landscaping is being designed and installed. Erosion and flooding can affect many of features in your landscape such as foundation, retaining walls, patios, and even your home.

If you have landscapes that are sloped you will find that controlling erosion might be an issue. Also having a bare slope can cause soil and rocks to slide away and perhaps cause damage or simply just flow away with rainfall. There are a lot of ways to control landscape erosion including the following:

Grass: Grass is an inexpensive way to control erosion. You may opt to use artificial turf which is an instant way of achieving a mature lawn.

Mulching: Mulch allows the absorption of water and also the slow release of the water into the soil beneath. There are many types of mulch on the market today which can make it a confusing decision to make. The team at SCCR Landscapes will provide you with all the assistance you need. Mulching will secure your soils and prevent them from running away.

Matting: This method of erosion control works well for steep slopes. The addition of matting allows plants to hold on steep sloped parcels of land. They also work to slow down the flow of water.

Boulders: Our landscapers can add rocks to your steeper areas which will assist in slowing down the flow of water and may help hold down some of the soil. Other barriers can also be used such as rails and timbers.

Terraced Walls: Terraced walls have long been used to enable the use of sloped land plots. It was very popular for farming techniques and the prevention of erosion control.

With the help of the professional team at SCCR Landscapes you can be assured that we will come up with an erosion control solution that will work best for your landscape needs.

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