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Retaining Walls Dawsonville GA Sloped landscaping is often in need of a retaining wall to avoid erosion and drainage problems and provide support for near-vertical grade changes. Aside from the functional purposes, retaining walls can be an attractive addition to your yard. There are a number of materials to choose from when building a wall. We at SCCR Landscapes will help you decide which material is right for your project.

With the endlessly versatile Pavestone Anchor Diamond transform retaining walls into works of art. It's the perfect choice for most residential walls. With its superior engineering and flexibility, it outperforms traditional cast-in-place, timber, boulder and crib walls. It is SCCR environmentally friendly choice.

Whether you need a natural stone wall, stack stone wall, boulder wall or mortared stone retaining wall, SCCR Landscapes takes the time to design the project around your yards existing features, making it the ultimate outdoor living space. Stone retaining walls are not only durable but long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. While they are more expensive than block or wooden walls, they never need to be maintained or replaced, which makes them the most appealing solution for contractors and homeowners alike.


A segmental block retaining wall is another popular option for retaining land slopes and yard grades. Concrete block is relatively inexpensive to install and quite a strong solution for retaining walls. It also allows for easy and simple drainage and water mitigation. Block retaining walls are not as durable and long lasting as natural stone and boulder walls, but are just as aesthetically pleasing, and they do afford homeowners with a sound and more affordable wall solution that will last for a lifetime.


While a wood retaining wall may not be the most popular wall solution, it does have it's benefits and uses for certain projects. For those who simply cannot afford a natural stone or block retaining wall, wood cross-tie walls just may be the ticket. A properly drained wood retaining wall can last for many years and their natural look allows them to blend nicely with existing natural surroundings, especially when stained. That said, they do require sealing or staining every couple of years so they don't fade or rot.

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